Hospitality & Guest Relations

Every wedding guest expects personal attention. They need to be looked after before the wedding & during the wedding by trained, presentable & well-dressed relationship managers. Attendance invitations & follow ups I.e. RSVP’s form a major task which is time and energy consuming. Via a 8, 12 or 16 Hour Help Desk at the hotel of stay we attend to all the queries during the wedding. In addition to Gift Drops and other special customary requirements, changes in logistic plans, assistance, etc are all handled from this centralized. You will find an ‘Always happy to help’ attitude of our representatives.

Guests aren’t simply buying a room but an experience. The point of Guest Relationship Management is to provide a top quality experience for guests that goes beyond just an average hotel stay. Guest Relationship Management enables hotels to differentiate themselves by starting and maintaining relationships with their most loyal guests.