Food & Beverage Management

Food & beverage management is clearly one of the most important jobs in a wedding. Our F & B experts shall assist you with menu layouts, menu planning and value additions like specialized counters while the F&B managers will facilitate & monitor the catering team to ensure delivery at special ceremonies, meal set-up time, meal quality and taste specifications, wedding cake cutting. charm and elegance, we ensure that your wedding experience is one, that’s truly spellbinding.

We offer a fascinating range of menu suggestions according to the style of your personal wedding. Do you prefer a flying buffet combined with fingerfood? No matter what - only the sky is the limit! You may think that because you have a beautiful hotel, country club, or home in place as your venue that the catering manager, catering company, or event coordinator will be a professional wedding planner. This fallacy can be a major determent to your wedding day. A catering manager is employed by the venue and primarily specializes in food and beverage sales for the venue. They are usually there on your wedding day but often depart after the first course is served.